Industrial Electronic Controls for Motors and Machines
Motor Controls formerly produced by Automation for Industry, Inc., Wooster Controls Inc., & GraphPac Systems are now available from Jack Wooster Consulting.

Jack Wooster Consulting continues to make available many products and repair / overhaul services for products formerly manufactured by Automation for Industry, Inc., Wooster Controls, Inc. and Graphpac Systems, Inc., all of which are no longer in business.

Products Available:

  • Autodrive Series AD-1 (newly redesigned as AD-101)
  • Autodrive Series AD-1000 (*Includes BTU International Type AD-1012BF used in BTU Paragon Ovens)
  • Stepper Motor Drives: AS-1, AS-2, AS-75, AS-200 also option boards SCP-1 Clock Board and OI-4 Opto-Isolation Boards
  • Brushless DC Motor Drives: BLDC-300, BLDC-350, BLDC-400, and new BLDC-2050
  • Brush Type DC Motor Drives: LVDC-100 Series, LVDC-200 Series and APDM Series
  • Clutch / Brake Drivers: PSD-12, and ER-10 (used in Avery Dennison Decorators)
  • Interface Adapters: VIIA-100 Precision (linear V/F, F/V, F/I, etc.) Isolated
  • Tachometer: TD-103 (3 digit 1% unit for motors and gearmotors)

All products are available either from stock or on very short notice.  Repair turn around is 2 weeks maximum.

*AD-1012BF Frequency Inverters for BTU Paragon Re-flow Ovens are no longer in production.  Units are available only in remanufactured form.  They are available on an exchange basis only.  We require that a unit of REV. 4 or REV. 5 be returned to us.  Upon receipt of that unit we will immediately send back a remanufactured unit which has been updated to the latest revision including the UL requirements.  These units will be warranted for one year from date of shipment.  The units will be completely disassembled, cleaned, updated and repaired as needed and tested to the latest specifications.  Since they are remanufactured the cases will have blemishes.

Phone: (941) 724-2930

Industrial Electronic Controls for Motors and Machines
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